Scouts and Guys Like You....

A character that looked liked Harvey Pekar, trapped in the ticket booth in Greenville, SC, with nothing more than a fan to cool his balding and combed over head, sent me on a wild goose chase. I asked him where the media entranee was was and he sneered, "Scouts and guys like you go around that way. This sent me across railroad tracks, around the park and left me to squeeze through a gate whose duty it was to protect and serve the garbage compactor. OK. He got me. But I got a nifty title out of it.
The worst part of this is that everytime I think about him, I can see that sweaty comb over of his. Looked awfully hot in that little booth, Bubba....

Life without Roger

Almost six days since Roger has displayed his enhanced hat size to a formerly adoring world. I compare his obsessiveness to that of Ty Cobb and Ted Williams. At once, high achievers but men who have sacrificed their ability to reason and find their place in the world.


Running down the dream

Planning a weekend jaunt to Chattanooga, TN. Engell stadium was built in 1930 and used until a couple of years ago when the Lookouts moved to a colorful but otherwise nondescript park downtown. I had never seen signs for mortuaries and funeral homes until I hit the new park. Wonder if they are there for the benefit of dying quails.....

Engell will host a seminar featuring Larry Lester and some other speakers. Several former Negro Leaguers will be in attendance.