A Place in the Sun,,,,,

I have met and endless supply of people on my travels. The character trait that most stands out for all of them is pride. If you remove the face painted yahoos,the faux trendy latest pink hat bunch as well as the upper echelon of business people - who frankly, I never see anyway because I inhabit the field and the grandstands - and what remains is a group of America. Arthur Rhodes is as proud and confident and loving as a person can be.


The Green, Green Grass of Home..

The guy is pushing 59, still shoots film, loves his country and goes to baseball games whenever he can. Twenty years I have been going to McCoy Stadium. I learned the grace of human interaction and the ability to photograph there. Yesterday, I watched as photographers swarmed Dice-K, with his lackey trying to herd everyone around. Good luck with that one. "Dice-K doesn't like his picture taken." Poor guy. Like everything else, an industry has formed around instant news and photos of baseball. One guy was pissing and moaning because wi-fi didn't work in the dugout...another guy was lamenting that the only money to be made in baseball photography was in Little League photos. God done shed his grace on thee..