Is It Spring Yet?

Boston is getting quasi-clobbered with snow this winter. I say "quasi" because the news media sends everyone into a panic with three inches of snow due...when I was a boy.......we used to walk ten miles to school every day and on cold days, we had baked potatoes in our pockets to keep our hands warm. If our family was to poor to buy potatoes, we had hot bricks.


This is my country....

"This is my country...these are my people..." Randy Newman. Every single one of them....from skin to shining skin....what an American tune baseball sings.....



January 19, 2009

I had never seen this image uncropped until recently. A college boy took the picture but couldn't be trusted to develop it. Into the darkroom of Ernest Withers it went.


Not in Brookline

The summer before last, I shot some pictures of Lars Anderson, prospect of the future. Being a Brookline, MA native and having participated in many activities at Larz Anderson Park there, I asked him if he was related to the philanthropist that donated the park to the town. He was not and apologized for never having heard of him. Lars, the ballplayer, seems as highly touted as Nomah was...and that is an exciting thing.


A Shotgun Shack....

Seventy four years ago a baby was born. And it wasn't a cold and grey Chicago morn....