Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Just thinking this Christmas Morning 2009, what I would say if I was asked the best baseball game/event that I have ever seen. A new book is coming out "Baseball's Bucket List - 162 Baseball Things to do Before You Die." (disclaimer: I do have photos in it..)(disclaimer2: and at least 14 other books, 3 coming out this spring...) and lists already being an almost passe craze. Hey, there is no passe craze - you is passe or you ain't...If bucket lists are appearing, then lists must be a passe as Facebook for hip people.

The part of me that swallows the history of the game like plates of home cooking would say seeing Pumpsie Green chatting with Minnie Minoso right in front of me as a kid in 1962. As a photographer and one who has had a lot of access to many on field situations, I would say being the only shooter on the field while Bronson Arroyo threw a perfect game for the PawSox in 2003 would count. I remember that he covered the first base bag for the last out and me standing right there thinking, "I hope I don't get in the way..." The romantic in me would have to admit that I have always wanted to ask someone to go to the World Series with me. Not having many chances for many years, I finally got to do so in 2007....."Hey, Amy..."