Noblesse Oblige

The Kennedys have been part of my life since I was nine. My sense of noblesse oblige was formed from a caring grandfather, a child's meager understanding of the New Deal and the actions of the Kennedy family. Jack's election, a fellow Irish Catholic from a shared hometown of Brookline, MA at my age of nine and his murder at my age of eleven, followed by Teddy's term in the Senate, Bobby's presidential run and subsequent murder, had a lot of bearing on what I was to adopt as my own political views. No matter what shenanigans Teddy pulled in his life, I was able to ignore them because he was the only chance America had of adopting a national health care possibly. The Clinton's failed terribly at making it a reality, Obama is skirting failure with the same.the same. Had Teddy been elected president, he would have four or possibly eight years to establish his goals. By having stayed as a Senator, he had so many more years to work his programs through to completion. His death is affecting me far more than I thought. There have been only nine years of my life when I have not been represented by a Kennedy. The booming voice...the loud laughter, the dominating presence; yeah, I have those too and guess where they came from...


Stuck in the Middle

Hot, humid....the day after a horrible beating at the hands of the Yankees...and I am off to my grandstand seats of twenty three years. After the Sox finally won the whole damn thing, my interest in them has waned precipitously. I was there...and now there is no there....there...Twice in my life have I had Sox press passes. Once in 1996, when a woman made a mistake and granted me one for ten games (this explains young Jeter) and once for the 2004 season. Who knew at lunch with Charles Steinburg in March of 2004, I would have all season access to Fenway. I still keep the cramped Section 24 grandstand seats that I have had so long, well, because..there are people out there that the Sox matter to and I supply them when I can.


And the days dwindle down..

Yup, throwing in the towel? I am. How can you expect to compete with a team that spent $420 million on three players and we counter with Smoltz and Penny.....Some days, you eat the bear and some days the bear eats you. It almost seems that the knew Yankee Stadium was the last nail in my coffin of ignoring the majors. The qualities of the minor league parks are being replaced with mini-HOK spots. The last major release of CDs (the remastered Beatles) are the death knell for that recording medium. My film cameras are falling apart...Bitter? No, just amused....


The Sox Offense

Young Mister Porter was as bored as the rest of us with the invisible Sox Offense.

Daredevil 2

Eric Porter hit his first Sox game last Thursday. The Bud Pavillion was dripping with celebs that day and a congenial Ben Afleck posed with Eric and his mom. It struck us as odd tht Afleck commented to Amy that Eric was entirely too young to be brought to a baseball game. I guess you can add child psychologist to his many titles. I eagerly look forward to "Daredevil 2" which will probably will make even less at the box office than our seats cost.