Simpson Pepper, the voice of Legion Field

I met Coach Pepper on my first trip to Rickwood Field in Birmingham, AL. It was 2002, I think. There is no time limit in baseball, so specific dates kind of drift by me. This has as much to do with my accelerating decrepitude as anything else. The Coach came to the field to sun himself every day. We had a great chat about his memories of the big leaguers from Boston that had passed through Rickwood, Ted Williams included. I wanted to capture an image of him but he was suffering from shingles and I didn't want to embarrass him. When he drifted down the right field line, I seized the shot. The next year, I met him there again and he remembered every detail of our conversation. He just passed away leaving quite an impact on Alabama sports. Modest and very unassuming,a true Southern gentleman, I always looked forward to our yearly chats. I posted the You Tube link here a great film bio of/with him.

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