Official Doughnuts

Wandering in to the local Dunkies today, I noticed that they had three spaces earmarked on their shelves for the Official Donuts of the Red Sox, Patriots and Celtics. Lets see, The Red Sox one probably needs a ticket for purchase, which are sold out but available at the Sox favorite scalpers....The Patriots videotape you when you buy one of theirs...and The Celtics doubles as a St. Patrick's Day treat as well. Not sure why the Bruins got left out. Make a Boston Cream Pie sinker with dark chocolate and have Cam Neely tap dance in your cholestoral count. Anyone remember Larry Bird for Seven-Up? Or Ted Williams for Nissen Bread? Anybody still trying to forget Curt Schilling for Dunkin' Donuts? The Schill has come out for McCain but it might have been the fries. The photo is from Donut King in Columbus, MS. It was a two story emporium but I resisted the allure.

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