Old Friend

There is that Paul Simon thing again. I have been at this thing for 17 years now. Long time for having no book published but the satisfaction I get out of doing it outweighs the torment of a lot of things that I could be doing with it. (Sure, sure.) Last night, Matt Stairs hit a dinger against them. Matt was the first player to ever speak to me. In Pawtucket in 1994, or thereabouts, he said..."Hi Buddy." That was it. I was made. I no longer needed approval on a ball field because I had just earned it or recognition anyways. Not too long after that, Steve Rodriguez,who I had seen a lot in Pawtucket, got a shot with the big club. At Fenway, he said to me, "Nice to see you here." Naw, it was nice to see him THERE.

Last summer, I was in Greenville, SC to shoot the Drive (and, as always, the breeze) and chatted a bit with Gabe Kapler. Nice man. He is back in the biggies and will be here with Milwaukee this summer. Looking forward to his return as well.

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