Crossed-eyed and Painless

The comment "Baseball is a diversion from real life" just crossed my path. For several years, I wasn't working and baseball was real life...and now, gulp of gulps, I have to agree it is back to its rightful place in an American's life as a stalling tactic to avoid all of those important things like life, liberty and the pursuit of baseball. Friends get annoyed with me when I exprees my disdain for what Fenway has become. For most people around here, b'ball does begin and end at Yawkey Way and that is a shame. but never ask what it was like to have photographer Bronson Arroyo's perfect game in Pawtucket or what it is like to have stood on the site of Martin Stadium in Memphis and talked to a man who helped augment his living by photographing there or in an overview of the whole thing, been to 60 parks. The world of disposable culture is moving so quickly these days last nights game isn't even history any more. It is gone to the ages, as inconsequential as yesterday's headlines. As Elvis sang, "I Forgot to Remember to Forget."

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