The Most American Thing I Have Ever Done...

My friend, Sashka, had quite the week. Her mother came to town from Bulgaria - her first visit to the land of the brave and home of the free. On Thursday, Sashka graduated Cum Laude from Harvard. We have known each other for 4 years, as she has worked for my department at The Big Crimson. As a going away gift, I took her to a Sox game on Saturday. A math major, she quickly figured out how the game works and only relied on me to explain the nuances. Naturally, I pontificated about the history, but she had put up with 4 years of that anyway. The Sox clobbered the Mariners, 11-3, so that her math skills were put to good use. Although it was a sweltering almost ninety degree day, she eschewed iced fruit cocktail (at Fenway??? Good Grief) for "ball park food." A foot long dog was the choice, smothered in mustard. Her comment on the whole experience? "It is the most American thing I have ever done.." It made a guy who bleeds red, white and blue very happy.

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