Mercy, mercy me...

"Mercy,mercy me. Things ain't what they used to be." Marvin Gaye. The bandwagon of folks complaining about the food court formerly known as Fenway is starting to pick up a bit of steam. Eric Wilbur of the Globe just took some pokies at the introduction of a NASCAR vehicle on the field the other night. Trouble is, there is no going back. Profits from Fenway are filling up the cargo holds of B-57s on a regular basis. It is a business after all and not a nonprofit. Maybe a new Fenway motto could be, "Last to integrate, first in tacky entertainment value." I don't go again until the 11th..and will be once again on the Monster. If it makes my friend happy, it is fine with me. The Friday after that, I will be at "Mayberry Night" at the Asheville Tourists park in North Carolina....I have to make myself happy once in awhile, too.

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