The Mahatma

I am reading "Branch Rickey, Baseball's Ferocious Gentleman" by Lee Lowenfish. Mr. Rickey,of course, is the man responsible for establishing the minor league system but most importantly, signing Jackie Robinson to play for the Brooklyn Dodgers. Perhaps, just perhaps, Robinson began the process of integration which led to our electing a black president 61 years later. Rickey has been called a humanitarian for his efforts to integrate baseball but by others, a hustling greedy sort who did it to sell tickets. To me, if he did both, doesn't that make him an American? I met his grandson, Branch, couple of times. The likeness is uncanny. Mr. Rickey told me his grandpa would have loved my pictures. I usually don't get stopped in my tracks by any sort of compliment but that was one of them. Maybe "The Mahatma of Baseball Photographers" would suit me.....I pontificate, am large, wear glasses....now smoking the stogie part....

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