Wart Hogs, wonder or not....

Ernie Shore Field, Winston-Salem, NC. The home of the beloved Wart Hogs. To be more precise, it is the former home of the now defunct Wart Hogs. Next year, Winston Salem will open a new park, a new team (yet to be named) in a different location. Another older minor league parks rides the train to oblivion. I attended a noon time game there and being generous, there were 400 people there and most of them were from local schools. To me, a park like this is a place of joy. Kids whooping it up. Everybody there for the game and oblivious to the wrecking ball, hanging over the place like a fat curveball. Places like this are disappearing faster than I can get to them. I feel like I am on the edge of an ice floe, crumbling under my feet.

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