The Fourth

At the risk of sounding like a George Carlin observation....there are certain numbers in America that stand for themselves..The Fifth...as I'll take the...and the greatest of American holidays...The Fourth. As I will tell anyone, I bleed red, white and blue. With my actions, I shattered my life 18 years ago today and because of social mechanisms set in place, was able to put back together the pieces. A 250,000 medical bill got swallowed into the abyss of the government. Free health care and seven years of SSI checks got me back to a point where I could work and pay taxes again. During the seventh inning stretch at McCoy Stadium in Pawtucket, RI they play Kate Smith's version of "God Bless America" and it is my doing. They will play it today as they played it yesterday and many days before that. I am tempted to go hear it.

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