Ted E. Tourist, Guilford and Wally the Warthog

So, yes, I made at least three pals on the jaunt. Ted E. Tourist, the grumbling bear of the Ashville Tourists. I found this interesting. Ashville knows that it draws big bucks visitor to their very nice city to the extent that they even name the b'ball team - Tourists... Guilford, the grasshopper representing the Greensboro Grasshoppers, was the most pleasant of the bunch. I judge everyone at ball parks by their kindness to kids. Most evil to kids I have ever met? Mo Vaughn and Nomar Garciaparra. Vaughn had a great PR machine that would make you believe otherwise but up close to kids, he took on Jim Rice attributes. At the hight of his popularity and earning power as a pitchman, Rice lost his Colonial Franks personal service contract for being mean to kids in supermarkets.In Winston Salem, Wally the Warthog seemed in need of a suit cleaning but was really adept at spending time with the young 'uns...

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